Email marketing strategy and Tips for successful Campaigns

Email marketing is a powerful method to grow your business that helps businesses to connect with their potential customers very effectively and precisely. That's of course, if you can get that initial click to stick.  Email marketing has a great ROI of 36$ for every 1$ you spend that’s - 3600%, isn’t it amazing? Businesses mostly use emails for multiple reasons, such as advertising products, soliciting sales, asking for donations. No matter what reason it is, email marketing gives us a great opportunity for marketers to build a brand and increase sales and mostly to be relevant in our customer’s minds.

For everyone else though, the data tells us that there are 4.3 billion, with 2.1 billion email users worldwide. With certainly more than half of the planet using email, your business can't afford to not have an email marketing strategy. So, how do you become a master email marketer? Here are some few essential email marketing tips to make your campaign successful.

 9 Important email marketing tips for successful campaigns.


  1. Get quality traffic to your landing page with clear and focused call to action (CTA)

The purpose of your email is to get more traffic on your landing page. If you fail to get a click to your landing page, your email subscriber cannot be converted into customers.

 The easy way to drive traffic on your landing page is to have only one primary call to action (CTA). Having multiple CTA will distract the reader's focus. When they are confused either they will leave your email or delete it.

  What you must do is to guide your reader to take specific call to action. Encourage them on the benefits they will receive by visiting the landing page. As you are using a primary call to action don’t forget to put it in multiple locations. 


  1. Encourage readers to reply


   In previous direct mail, you would send mail to your connections, and then wait for readers to respond. Not anymore. Nowadays, email marketing is an opportunity for meaningful conversations with your potential clients. We are discussing real subscribers who are interested in your business. With that intention, you must encourage this back-and-forth in three ways.

  1. Tempting email subject lines - Speak directly to your reader and commit something that will stand out. The effective way to achieve this is with automated personalization.
  2. Use Distinctive and entertaining voice. -  If anyone opened your email, it does not mean that they would read it. Always take care that your message sounds like it’s coming from a real person and who cares for them.
  3. Target Content - Email marketing is more effective when you segment your email list by demographic or your subscribers. It is useful to send a message that would resonate with every segment's need and Interest, making them more likely to engage with you and get converted.


3 - Personalization is Key point

   It is highly recommended to add personal elements to your mail wherever you can. Greet your reader by their name. Draft your mail to dive deep, addressing their needs and interests. 


  1. Make sure your Email copy looks great

You may find it very common but still many businesses send amature mails that look like 90’s websites. Once you make the subscriber open your mail then It’s crucial to keep their interest, so they will continue to read your emails.

   The best way to do is:

Write short paragraphs and make sure that your phrases and any keyword that may be important to your readers stand out.


  1. Put links of your social media profiles

 Getting engagement from your readers on your businesses social media profiles should be one of the key elements of your email marketing strategy. Not only it gives you advantages for promotion, but also builds trust between your business and your readers.


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