10 Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks from Top Brands

In today's digital world, marketing is about connecting with your prospective customers in the right place, at the right time, earning their trust, educating them on the latest trends and then positioning your business as a solution to their needs. Also, around the world the level of competition has gone way above and beyond, so a business who doesn't use digital medium for marketing purposes will definitely get eaten by Sharks. As trembling as it may sound, Top brands have always been sharing their secret insights to push small businesses to grow. Here's the top 10 Digital Marketing tips and tricks from top brands.



  1. Being aware of all the right tools and how to use them


Digital Marketing is a commingle of different strategies often dances with surfeit of channels like SEO, PPC, social media etc. So, in order to know that you lie on a right bell curve of competition with ammunition of advantage, always develop a thorough expertise on the tools and use them to your advantage. Mastering or even hiring talented folks can turn your website into a smooth platform.



  1. Pour some of your time into creating eye comforting experiences


Designing is one of the most important elements of digital marketing, let be it a website design or graphic enhanced post on social media. A welcoming color choice and beautiful interface design can change the score of your website. That obviously doesn't mean that you have to decorate your website like a wedding groom but it must look effortful and neat. Designing great ad banners, infographics, using high quality images etc. will always be associated with your assumed quality of your products or services.


So, tighten your boots up and start using Canva and Adobe photoshop to dominate the league of digital marketing.



  1. Fusing SEO with Content Marketing



Due to the rise of the internet, it triggered hell of an entry of millions of websites rendering crawlers to be more precise on extracting relevant content to the user. Just look at google, it became smarter and now it can sniff out relevant content from billions of irrelevant data’s surfacing into the ocean of internet. Today, most of the metrics included in Google’s algorithm have to do with content and the engagement you win through the distribution of great content. Using various types of content (visual, text, video, infographics, audio, etc.) does much better than using a single type of content.


Always be up to date with the recent events and trends, post better content which also must be relevant, appropriate, valuable and original.



  1. Visible Presence on all relevant social media platforms


In today's business, standing out from the crowd is the most important principle you should abide by. To be visible to the target audience, we must be on relevant social media platforms in which they are in. You cannot be a chooser when selecting a social media platform. Even if you have a love-hate relationship with Tiktok for example, and your audience spends most of the time there, then be ready to be part of that platform. At the end of the day, online presence is what matters the most.




  1. Invest on Digital Ads



Look at Superbowl ads, how creative and impactful they are. But why? Is it the size of the budget or due to the energy of talented folks! But hey, don't worry about the budget. We are playing on a digital platform where there is no cost for launching! It's not traditional advertising on your regular tv. So, you just need to be accustomed with Canva for graphic design and must know about Pay per click Google ads, YouTube ads, social media ads. 


To win the game of digital advertisement, we need to push valuable content first then the product content. Free eBooks, webinar, event invites, do it yourself video, product demonstration, all will make you ahead of your competition.



  1. Website Optimization and Making it mobile friendly



Almost 90% of the world's population have a phone today. The rise of smartphones triggered the user to spend most of their time online, which adds up into online shopping, chilling time on social media, looking for the nearest restaurant etc. But people are too lazy to open their laptop and are willing to put effort into reaching for your website especially for the new customer. So, number 1 priority is to optimize your website in such a way that it loads faster on the desktop and also it gets highly optimized for mobile users. Now note that dimensions of desktop websites will always be different from mobile phone screens. So, make sure that it gets corrected and then the number of details on the website is plausible due to the amount of space but space crunch is the main problem for the dimension of mobile users, so less detail and faster navigation is key to turn your audience into customers.



  1. Reminders with Email List


Emails are one of the most crucial tools to keep your audience engaged and updated. Emails by your company also send a message that we are serious about maintaining customer relationships.

Make sure your website includes an email newsletter sign up form. Deliver valuable content to your subscribers, not just promotion. Tell stories.




  1. Infographics, Infographics and Infographics



People process visual information much faster than textual information. A graphic representation of your product or service, analytics etc. is the most valuable thing which directly keeps the audience engaged and digest it rather easily.



  1. Keep an eye on Analytics

Just making great content and promoting it is not enough, you must know that are we really improving from the last time? Constant improvement of the numbers will define long term growth of the organization. A master plan is incomplete without analysis and improvising. Google analytics is your friend, use it to your advantage! It helps in tracking your content as well as give you precise insights for the improvement of your website. Without knowing where you are in this large world, you will feel lost. But for a proper achievement on ranking, we need to know that currently where we lie.



  1. Develop a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy



The backbone of any business is capital, cash flow and a man with a plan. Without developing a powerful strategy, your organization will break often. Now to drive a car we need to have directions or else it's meaningless. It's the same with strategy, unless and until we know about our target audience, competitors and their strategies, market opportunities, trends, new technologies, we are destined to be doomed. So, make sure you develop a proper strategy, discuss with your team, keep a track on any mishaps and follow up immediately, adapt, overcome and improvise.


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