Digital Marketing Cheap, Effective and Measurable

These days there are so many digital marketing agencies, companies and freelancers. They charge a big amount of money to grow your business. But there is another thing that helps you to grow your business in the cheapest way possible in digital marketing. I know you will be like in a cheap way, HOW? Let me explain in detail.


Digital Marketers are indeed being paid high amounts but because they have that kind of experience they strategize for your business, making goals, and so on then, they will give you some unexpected things that you have never done before. If you think it is easy and should be at low cost then they also give you low-quality services. So will you be happy with it?


Okay, I am not giving you lectures and all but want to ask that question.


Okay, let me tell you the cheapest way digital marketing you can do.


Now as a business owner you don’t have much time to research it and strategize. Let me give you some ideas for your business so you can work on it.


These are the following strategy:


  1. Social Media


Social media is a cheap way you can grow your business but slowly. Why because in social media there has so much competition to grow business and make that kind of content and show the audiences how you give them the best services. You should to be present on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and so on. You need to engage with your audiences. And it will take time and it is okay.


  1. Content


To make your audiences stay with you for a longer then you should make real and engaging content for them. Content should be relevant to your business and also engaging too. Because audiences always want new things. So make catchy content that is relevant to your audiences so they can engage with it. Make catchy graphics and try to pick a nice colour schemes.  


  1. Target audience


You have to do your research first to know who your target audience is. Like, age group, gender, location, etc. so you can place an ad and only the targeted audiences can see your ads. So it helps you to get business awareness and conversions as per your digital ad campaign goal.


  1. Hashtags


Use relevant hashtags to your business. For that, you need to research the hashtags, you can find those on google. There are so many sites to get hashtags and you can choose hashtags that are relevant to your business or you can create by yourself. Hashtags are trendy on social media, because of hashtags you will get reach and followers if it's relevant to your targeted audience and your content is good.


  1. Give and take


Give and take as in making content like offers and discounts for their first purchase or you can make a giveaway contest so people can engage and also it helps to create awareness for business.  Because of this concept audiences will recognize your brands they will try to come to your social media again and again also they check out your website and recommend it to their friends too.


  1. Blog


In the blog, you can write about your product and services and how will you help them and also give them some solutions. So when you write these kind of blogs It will help you to get traffic on your website, also increase user engagements, and will help to rank on search engine optimization (SEO). it builds a competition with others. And when you write, the words should be simple, readable, and understandable. And now every business and digital marketer are using this strategy for their brands. So you have to write a blog and it is a must.


Let’s talk about how digital marketing is effective and measurable.


Today all businesses eye on growth on digital platforms and they are always monitoring how effective the strategy is. So making a strategy is a must in their business.


There is a way to measure a digital marketing strategy.


  1. Goal


You have to set a goal to when and where you want to go in the future. And it is a must in every small, medium-large business. The goal should be realistic, achievable, and time-bound. And when setting a goal keep in mind your product and services.


  1. Mission


Set your mission in which year you have to achieve something that never did before. It is very helpful to strategize things for the businesses and employers too. Then they will make strategies and targets for the business. It is also easy to work like you know what to do when to do right?


  1. Find your Target audience


You have to search your target audience, to whom you have to show your business and products and services. You can market your businesses to those targeted audiences.


  1. Find KPI


KPI means Key Performance Indicator. You have to monitor all the strategies you have to see which strategy works the best, that is Website Traffic, Conversions, Unique visitors, Search Engine Ranking, Inbound Links, etc. Try to establish KPI early so it is also helpful to make other strategies for the future.


  1. Measure the Activities


There are tools to measure your digital marketing activities. Like, Google Analytics, HubSpot, and so on… you can use these tools to monitor and you can also set tasks for your employees. You can measure all your activities and also can find out what works and what does not.


So yeah that’s all the Effective and Measurable ways to identify your Digital Marketing Strategies and management. And of course in the cheapest way.


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