Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is marketing by making conversations with the costumers; it is using the power of digital platforms and speech to improve lead generation online. Conversational marketing is a marketing approach supported by customer feedback. It utilizes personalized email marketing, chat bots, live stream video, and live chats with customer service representatives thus making it a very interactive experience.

Conversational marketing is all about gathering information. Here the marketing strategy is to incorporate a series of questions in the marketing content to identify your customers need, and then the customer answers these questions. By doing so the organization is engaging with the customer, understanding their needs and where they are in their purchasing journey. This can be done in a real time zone by using chat bots, AI or customer care representatives. Once it’s clear what the customer wants the customer care representative can make appropriate recommendations.Using conversational marketing makes the buyer’s journey feel more personal. It works faster, builds trust and feels more authentic to the customers. Additionally in today’s world where everything is online and connected to the screen this method is more convenient and straightforward.

Other marketing methods should not be replaced by conversational marketing but instead it should complement it. The organization must use a hybrid marketing method that utilizes forms and other tools in addition to chatbots and AI. But it should be taken into consideration that it isn’t left to the tech tools to close sales, even though AI is getting smarter by the day, organizations still need to make contact with the customers themselves.

Some conversational marketing tactics:

Conversion marketing is a very broad term. Here are some common ones:

Generating leads & Optimizing landing page: This includes strategizing to capture more leads by customizing the landing page in a way that is encourages people to become their leads. The key is to  offer something valuable in return for their contact information.

Loyalty & Referral programs: Such programs encourage existing customers to make purchase again by rewarding them with perks. It encourages the existing customers to refer their friends, who trust the recommendations of their peers, therefor more likely to purchase from you. Thus, these programs bring more, high-quality leads.

Collecting Insight about the Customer: Compared to the traditional form filling method live chatting provides more information about the customer. This process allows us to gather more information about the customer and provide personalised purchasing experience for them.

Better Customer Experience : Conversational Marketing improvises the customer experience on the web site as they get direct answers quickly, their queries get resolved as they enter them with none extra advertisement trying to grasp their attention. As the systems are ready to track the journey of the visitor and their past history with the business they're ready to provide them the proper information and solutions at the proper time, making the experience smoother and effective in building further relationships.


Conversational marketing helps the brand maintain a customized and real experience. It draws in potential buyers through real-time interactions that direct each individual to their specific wants. This type of marketing provides opportunities for businesses to grow and convinces their customers of endless and anytime assistance which is efficient and quick. This builds the customer and account supported a humanlike conversation which culminates into trust and reliance for the need.


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