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5 Effective Ways to Get Customer Reviews


 Reviews are basically the opinions about your products from the consumers who have consumed them. It reflects on how well the product matches up to expectations based on the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Online customer reviews are a great avenue to grab consumer's attention and increasing sales. The customer reviews are very helpful.


  • Customer review build social proof

Customer reviews play an important role in social proof. A customer might be interested in a product but doubtful to buy. Customer reviews can provide the “social proof” and can help to decide to purchase the product, hence they can see how other customers are enjoying the products. customer’s review can act as convincing feedback


  • Why Are Customer Review So Important?

From buying groceries to researching on our next new purchase everything to our fingertips, The internet has evolved to be a forum where consumers evaluate products and services based on impressions and feedback from other, like-minded consumers.

Almost all online shoppers use reviews to determine what products to buy and which brand to purchase. On average, the customer reads seven reviews before trusting a business. More than 93% of all customers use online reviews as part of their research at the local and national levels.


5 simple ways to encourage your customers to write product reviews:


  1. Start by asking for customer reviews

Start by asking for reviews, because even the most loyal ones, will not take the initiative to write a review for you. Encouraging customers to write a review is one of the best ways. 79% of customers will leave a review when asked Or just Find unique ways to ask shoppers to write reviews for products after purchase.

Something Like-

  • Share your thoughts
  • Tell us about your experience
  • How did you like your purchase?
  • Leave feedback


  1. Make it easy for them

Make it easy to find the Review buttons. You can email your customer. Just keep it simple to leave reviews for products, make the page where customers can easily navigate to post a review.


  1. Send a follow-up email

Customers may leave a review after weeks or even after months they made the initial purchase. Send a text message or email asking buyers to write a review. whether they bought from you in-store or online can encourage shoppers to leave a review.

With the help of email marketing tools, you can create an email campaign for reviews from customers a few days after they receive their product.

Customers can leave reviews in more places like Facebook, Insta Linkedin than your website. Make it easy for every customer to write a review when they have positive experiences with your brand.


  1. Ask Quickly

Ask quickly for a review but not too quickly after purchase. It will be annoying someone jumps in front of you to ask you for a review or Feedback. Don’t do something similar on your website but do send that email or Reminder message the same day. Online, post-checkout popups are also helpful


  1. Habitually thank every Reviewer

Keep monitoring your reviews once a week, but you need to know what is being said at all times. Make a note to check the review section once a week.  A simple thumbs-up won’t do, consider this your time for reputation management. Thank everyone who reviews you with one or two personal sentences that reflect your association with them as a consumer-service provider.

    Almost 82% of consumers use online customer reviews when they are actively searching for more information about a brand, product, or service. And 52.2% of consumers say they trust what online reviews say about products.

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