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We are hardly a few months away from entering a milestone, that is, the year 2020. For several reasons, this number has become a year associated with many predictions. For instance, some were predicting to be the world’s greatest superpower, some were predicting that the world would end by 2020. The truth is, people can be, at times, extremely irrational and can make predictions that are too bold.

To provide a balanced view of the trends that will be carried out in the coming future, we have outlined a series of potential scenarios on the basis of the history of packaging. As Peter Drucker, a famous Management Guru, once said, “It is hard to predict the future. Thus, you must create it”. Let us take a look at the possibilities of the upcoming trends in packaging.

  1. Sustainable Packaging Material

    The government has started initiating laws and rules to protect the environment. Banning the use plastic is a major step towards sustainability, which has caused many of the packagers to start using more ecofriendly material. A few of the manufacturers have already started using reusable packaging containers, allowing them to market themselves as environmentally sustainable organizations. Slowly yet gradually, the packages will be made out of materials that are at least biodegradable if not recyclable or reusable.


  1. Security Labels Dominating Sales

    Security labels are often used for protecting the identity of the products. Often, branded products suffer from heavy losses due to counterfeiting. These counterfeiters make their substandard quality good so close to the originals; almost identical; that the customer ends up getting confused between the real and the fake. Now-a-days, however, there are strategies and techniques that the major brands are using to keep their products’ identities safe. Holograms, bar codes, tamper evident seals are some of the more recent techniques in place to fight this issue. The best part about these techniques is that they barely affect the aesthetics of the products. On the contrary, their attractive and unique designs only help make the product look more attractive.


  1. Adding Extra Creativity

    Packaging is an extremely important factor in promoting the product. Manufacturers have always required thinking out of the box in order to make their products stand out from the competitors. These days, companies are no longer focusing just on the colours but also the designs of the packaging. For instance, packaging the cookies in a box designed as an oven can attract the customer better than simply packaging them in a plain and standard box. Similarly, packaging honey in a bottle shaped like a honeycomb can definitely amaze the potential buyers, resulting in desire to choose it over others.


  1. Providing Extra Attachments
    According to statistics, over 80% of the consumers throw the packaging in the garbage bin after the product is taken out or consumed. For example, once a consumer is finished drinking his coke, he will throw the bottle in the trash. Coca-Cola realized this and started including a sprayer attachment along with its 500 ml bottle. In Philippines, this idea was a total hit, resulting in over twice the sale that year. Manufacturers have started including tools that are helping the buyers to keep the packaging instead of throwing them. This way, they are minimizing the waste generation while creating goodwill in the minds of the customers. Similarly, providing a holder with gas lighter can surely get the customers to buy it.


  1. No Brand Packaging

    Consumers are slowly turning from regular products to more organic and generic products, especially when it comes to products such as groceries and medicines. Many of the customers now prefer buying organic/unprocessed food over processed eatables. Demand for unprocessed and unpolished rice, pulses, etc. has gotten more than it ever was. This is due to the awareness of health. Most of the times, these organic vegetables are unbranded and not very well packaged. Usually they are in a transparent bag, allowing the buyers to see what’s really inside. Fast growing ecommerce has also initiated cost effective packaging of the generic grocery items such as biscuits, vegetables, etc. since branding them is not required as all.


  1. Digital Packaging

    With the growing requirement for product information such as ingredients, nutritional values, manufacturing date, expiry date and so on, packaging companies are finding it challenging to find a suitable sized packaging container to include the information. At times, it is almost impossible to include all the information on a smaller sized container like a 100 ml bottle. That’s when the manufacturers use various digital techniques like bar codes, QR codes, etc. Now-a-days, use of QR codes is trending. Simply scanning such codes will take the buyer to a page that would display all the required information along with contact details for questions, complaints and suggestions.

And these were some trends that can definitely set a higher benchmark in packaging the products. Some of them are truly be amazing and make the packager think before finalizing their design while some will surely cause a great convenience to the manufacturer.

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