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4 Secrets to a Great Social Media CRM An Eyecatchers Perspective

Over the years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of people contacting brands directly through their social channels – whether they’re requesting support, expressing a complaint or even giving positive feedback. It’s not surprising that many people prefer to send Facebook comment on the page, or a tweet, rather than spend hours on the phone. Social channels have become the go-to place for getting a brand response.


Customer service is often considered the less glamorous side of social media, neglected by marketers who think it’s either expensive or a service that will not benefit the brand through any concrete acknowledgment. But a lack of response to customer queries on a brands’ social channel looks impersonal and solely focused on one-way marketing messages. These are social channels after all. If we don’t respond to customers when they need us, why would they bother engaging with our content, no matter how brilliantly creative it is?

Customers expect to be able to make themselves heard, especially if something hasn’t gone their way, therefore, brands should take this as an opportunity to hear them out and actively try and rectify the situation. This not only ensures damage limitation but it can even turn potentially damaging situations into one with a positive sentiment. If poor customer experience has a viral effect, so does brilliant customer service.

At Eyecatchers, we take these four key elements to be sacrosanct when managing your customer responses on social:


Tweeting a brand with a query feels much closer to texting than emailing, therefore people expect a very quick response. We have worked with our SME team to put an effective escalation process in place, ensuring all issues are handled in the most time-effective way and the most delicate responses get a speedy client sign off.


Showing the human side of the brand makes people feel looked after, whereas pre-packaged template responses often end up infuriating them. Any brand’s tone of voice can be adapted to ensure that customers feel they’re having a conversation with a human as opposed to a robot and are responding specifically to their query.


Having social account managers who are passionate and knowledgeable about the subject area is also a key to giving customers genuinely useful support.


It’s not always possible to solve a problem straightaway, so it’s often a case to manage expectations and let customers know the team is on it and give them a clear deadline by which their issue will be solved.  We also recommend including working hours on our client’s channels’ bios so that people know that you’re not ignoring their 3am complaint.

Great customer service doesn’t always give one fame and glory, but provides true value to one’s customers, and a reason to build preference on future purchases. And that’s exactly what Eyecatchers provides you….advertising that sells!

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