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6 Effective Ways For Writing Powerful Adwords Ads

Advertising on Adwords ensures every business to stand on top of SERPs and grab readers attention and reach new customers. But creating an advert and spending money on it is not enough. Now when even small businesses are focusing on digital platforms to market, competition has increased to another level, so it becomes crucial to stand out from the crowd.

You need to think, why your customers should click on your ads, when there are others offering the same? Well, writing clickable, highest-performing and awesome looking ads can be key for grabbing more clicks and gain conversions.

1. Customers First

Firstly, think of your customer’s objective of searching. Most of the time advertisers overlook the need of the user, and just try to project their products or services through ads. But remember, always you need to focus on your customers need first, as gaining customers is the end goal of any business.

Phrase your ads around the need of user, think what they are looking for, how are they searching, what all keywords they are typing and how you are going to advertise. Sometimes, having keywords typed by the users in your ads increases the click-through-rate, for that most of the advertisers use “dynamic keyword insertion”, but if you use DKI where is the point of standing out in the crowd. So think what keywords users type and write your ads and bid for the keywords wisely.

2. Numbers Always Work

Numbers or statistics attracts users every time. Staying genuine enough and adding numbers/statistics to the ad will increase the curiosity and also grabs the attention. But, here you have to stay honest with the numbers.

3. Make It Personal

Key of digital marketing is, it provides your business with various ways to reach your customers, so make fullest use of it. Making your advertisements and marketing content more conversational and personal would bring more listeners for your business. Therefore, write your ads using words like “we”, “you”, “your”, “us”, etc; which would make ads more personalized.

4. Relevant Display URLs

While writing display URLs, you have to be more strategic and add the keywords to the path. You have been provided with two path fields with 15 characters each, so wisely place main keyword in first path and secondary keywords in second path field. Check out the below example:

In both the Display URLs above, one is the homepage URL and another is specifying to that particular product page. Users will be more tend to click on the second URL, isn’t? See through that, Display URLs should be interesting and more relevant to the ad content.

5. Make an Offer

We all agree that offers do attract the customers. If your business is giving away some special offers to the customers let them know through the ads. While writing the ad mention the offer in the ad clearly, this would definitely gain some extra clicks.

6. Enable Ad-Extensions

Providing more and more information for your customers is always beneficial. Using ad-extensions, you can provide additional information like location, site links, call details, social extensions and more. Ad- extensions are great way to stand out from your competitors.

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