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5 Reasons You Should Stop Shortening URLs

5 Reasons You Should Stop Shortening URLs

URL shortening is a way by which URLs are shortened substantially, while maintaining their linkage to the desired page. Other uses of URL shortener include beautifying links, to track the number of clicks or for disguising the underlying address.

But as it goes, you would come to know that URL shortening has more of a downfall side than having a brighter side. Disguising the underlying address using URL shorteners, not to forget are still subject to abuse. Many URL shortening services are found in spam blacklists as they use their redirect services by sites that are trying to bypass those same blacklists. Not only that, some websites completely restrict short, redirected URLs from being posted.

If those are not enough reasons for you to stay away from the trend of URL shortening, here are 5 reasons why you should stop shortening of URLs to stop damage of your brand.

  1. Statistics are not private

As it says that your statistics are no more private. If you are using URL shortening services like or, and if you add a ‘+’ towards the end of the URL, it will still show the link statistics. It will no longer be private, meaning your competitors would have an advantageous edge over you as they can spy on you and at the same time also monitor your performance. This might force you to give away a lot of information that you might want to hold on to.


  1. Generic short links get blacklisted

If you take a closer look, majority of URL shorteners tend to use the same domain name and consist of URL slugs that are just a combination of random letters and numbers. For this very reason, generic short links are not at all trust worthy. Generic short links leave the web with no idea of where the destination URL actually is. It also leaves a gray area as to not knowing who created the links. It could be generated by hackers or spammers for all you know. Therefore, it’s safe to say that generic short links are prone to get blacklisted.

  1. Common or no keyword


Majority of the URL Shortener services don’t let you edit your keyword. This is really bad for your SEO ranking. URL shorteners generate keywords that are completely random and have nothing to do with your SEO game. Also, if you argue that some URL shorteners do allow editing of keywords, then don’t forget that you are in competition with many others for that keyword. In short when you insert your own keywords keeping your brand in mind, you stand out more and thus improve your SEO.


  1. You cannot change the destination URL

This is a very important and useful feature that you are deprived of when you use URL shorteners. There are so many cases why you may need to change your destination URL. For example, if by mistake you have input the wrong destination URL, or if you have changed your content and want your short link to be directed to any updated URL or if you want to try out a different landing page. You will be stuck if you cannot change your destination URL.


  1. It will dilute your brand

Probably, the most crushing one.  Majority of the URL shorteners enable you to use their brand domain instead of yours. This gives them a chance to promote themselves using your link and you dilute yourself and your brand with generic links.

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