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Social Entrepreneurs address major issues like Health, Safety and Injury Prevention, Environmental Concerns and Protection, Community Development and Involvement, and Disaster Relief and Prevention. Social cause marketing is all about existing businesses partnering with social entrepreneurs addressing at least one of these issues. Any for-profit company, of any size, can create a social cause program incorporating at least one of the tactical alternatives profiled below.


 Sponsorship. Many social causes and nonprofits have various sponsorship opportunities for companies who want to provide their name and a financial donation to a specific program or event. Sponsoring a programs is an excellent way for a company to enhance its image. Event sponsorships include regional and national conventions and local galas and dinners.

 – Co-Branding. There are many corporations that have benefited from co-branding with nonprofits. Co-branding is a great way to market and align your brand along with that of a popular social cause to help show support for that organization, its missions and those community members served by the nonprofit. Co-branded promotions let your customers know that you are a good corporate citizen while increasing the reach and awareness of the nonprofit’s programs and services.

 – Licensing. Customers look for brands and their affiliations with social causes. In fact, 84 percent say that they are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause. One way to show that association is to license a nonprofit’s brand and logo for appropriate products and/or services.

 New Product Promotion. For a company to enhance its own marketing objectives and help a nonprofit deliver its programs, services, and vital communication messages. This tactic can be very useful in the introduction and launch of a new product or service. The affiliation of a well-known non-profit and/or an important social cause can help differentiate the product.

 – Philanthropic Investments. Charitable nonprofits need funding necessary to sustain and support all of their services that accomplish their mission. There are various ways for companies to form partnerships with nonprofit organizations. This could be a one-time grant, or in the model of an on-going matching gift, in which the company matches a cash gift made by an employee.

 Donations of Products and Services. There are several ways your company can support cause and organizations in addition to cash grants. In-kind contributions can consist of products, supplies, property, or excess inventory. Loaned talent provides nonprofits with expertise to which they would not ordinarily have access.

 – Employee Involvement. This includes everything from encouraging volunteerism, donating services and time, matching cash donations, to facilitating employee days-off to volunteer as a group, or to individual organizations of their choice.

We at Eyecatchers guide, help & facilitate you to use commercial marketing techniques to affect social change through sponsorship/ co-branding/ licensing/ new product promotions/ philanthropic investments/ donations of products or services, or through an employee involvement program! It is a cost-effective way to bring behavioral change in a way that impacts the bottom line of social issues & social programs and the corporate bottom line at the same time.

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