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Outdoor Advertising

As a consumer, we all see outdoor advertising almost every day, although these days, it is harder and harder to actually grab the attention of the average customer. We see hundreds of outdoor advertisements every day, more if living in a city - but, recall of those ads is almost zero. So, at Eyecatchers we understand how critical it is to do it the right way, or it is simply a waste!

Outdoor advertising is a mass-market medium, and for this reason, it is better utilized for broad messages, branding and support campaigns. Any attempts to do ‘heavy lifting’ will usually lead to a very cluttered and confusing message, and with so little time to take in the ad, it will be wasted money. However, with the advent of mobile technology, and websites, outdoor can now drive people to something instantly. From QR codes, to simple web addresses, or even apps like Snapchat and Instagram, outdoor can be a way to begin a conversation with the consumer, or prompt an outdoor campaign to go viral.

Get your message out... literally !

Hoarding, Bus-Panels, Train-Panels, Digital Signages, Banners.