Pay Per Click (PPC)

      Eyecatchers researches the relevant, high-intent keywords for you with a high-traffic, low-bid combination for your content to make your ad get more views at a lesser cost! Our eye-catching designs get the viewers' attention, and lucid content keeps them riveted to READ right up to the Call-to-action!

      We monitor your campaigns on a real-time basis to identify which keywords perform & which ones don't, taking appropriate actions to maximize your ROI on your campaigns!

      Pay-Per-Click is a method of advertising whereby you pay the search engine concerned every time one of your ads is clicked/ liked/ viewed/ acted upon (by, e.g., transitioning to your website). It's a great way to target new visitors to visit your website, and can be highly targeted on various parameters. Its main plus point is its immediacy - you get results right away, you stop the moment your budget tells you to.

       45% users cannot identify paid ads from organic content on a page if the two aren't in separately marked columns.