Why Google ads are a must for your business growth?

Google is undoubtedly the most sought-after search engine in the world today. It is estimated that Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second which is around 3.5 billion searches in a day and close to 1.2 trillion searches per year.

Google alone controls 90% of the search engine market in the world. It is also estimated that over 1.12 billion internet users use Google as a search engine platform. From hairpin to rockets, from shares to wars, from love to shopping …just about everything gets googled these days.

With this much power at Google’s fingertips, shouldn’t businesses be interested in making use of it?

Well, that should not be even a question in the mind of an entrepreneur who wants to scale up his business, who wishes to make his products more visible in the market, and how wants to make more ROI.

Google with its paid advertising platform called “Google Ads” has become a need for every growing business. Google ads make it easy to take advantage of the online advertising world. It not only helps in showing the advertisements to the right people but also gets us in control of the ad budget.

Below are some key benefits which make google ads a big YES for every aspiring and growing business.


Ad Targeting

Google ads provide a great opportunity for advertisers to showcase their ads to the right audience. Just imagine that if your business is into home automation and you are advertising traditionally, for eg: on television, in newspapers, billboards or hoardings, and others. But in all these mediums, there are more chances that your advertisements do not reach out exactly to people who are interested in home automation.


But with google ads, this problem is more or less solved. As you know how many people have clicked on your ad and shown interest in buying your product. Further to this, Google uses keywords which are words or phrases relevant to your product that are used to show your ads when customers search for the relevant keywords or visit the relevant web pages.

And, Google also provides the facility to advertisers to show ads on google search results pages and websites which are a part of the google search and display networks.



Google ads help to advertise to people who have the intent to search for your product or related to it. For eg: On traditional platforms such as television, newspapers, hoardings, and modern ones such as social media people don't come generally looking at solutions to their daily requirements. Nor they may be looking for something specific. But, in the case of a google search engine, people come with their everyday problems for which they are trying to find solutions. This provides an opportunity for Google to advertise where the customers are and which results in avoidance of ad money wasted.


You are in control

With google ads, you are in control of your campaign at all times. You can start and stop the campaign whenever you feel it's necessary to do so. You can also track your campaign status daily and use the various reports generated by Google based on your ad performance. We know that in marketing, every rupee should be invested in the right pocket and google lets us do exactly that. With constant monitoring, you can be sure that your campaign is in safe hands.


Budget in your hands

With CPC and CPM models, ensure that you are the king of your ad spend. It's never going to happen that one day you will be smacked with an exorbitant ad spend that makes your eyeballs roll. With every click you pay …it’s as simple as that.

Recommendations and Reports

Google provides structured recommendations to optimize your ad campaign for the best results. While your ad campaign is ongoing, based on the marketing and business intelligence, google recommends key pointers which you can apply to keep your campaign at 100% optimization ensuring a rather steady success. Also, google helps in providing detailed reports regarding views, impressions, clicks, demographics of the customers, and others which further help in fine-tuning the ad campaign and the results from it.

Google ads work for everyone. With its different packages, insights, and approaches there is something in store for every business. So, when are you kickstarting your business with google ads?

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