How to use marketing bots for advertising your local business?

Bots will help you to grow your business or social media page by giving real-time customer support and it also modified buying procedures.

for example: If you have a brand that sells shoes you can use a bot for allowing customers to order within seconds by simply guiding them through the available options or offering recommendations.


Bots are software program used to repeatedly load webpages. This will generate ad impressions that mainly sold in programmatic ad exchanges.


What are marketing Bots?


The marketing bots are a form of marketing automation that businesses use to get customers and support existing customers with time saving automation. It is a software that is used by businesses to do certain marketing activities automatically. When you use the right marketing bot, your business can scale to new heights. Here I am not only going to tell you about benefits of marketing bots but also, I will tell you exactly how to put chatbots to work in your business. The marketing bot strategy really came in popularity when Facebook had opened the ability to integrate bots with its messenger features. Previously many Facebook page messages were going completely unused occasionally customers would submit questions and even less often would a business will actually respond. With the help of marketing bots, the customer requests aren't going unanswered and many businesses were helped with lead generation and sales.



How can you use chatbots in marketing?


There are many different ways to take advantage of a chatbot marketing strategy. Bots are useful for automating basic processes, and for answering common customer questions and even for making sales.


Chatbots for customer service: -


If your business receives a lot of customer service request on messenger or if you want to start to utilize Facebook messenger as a customer service channel. Then a bot can be very useful for you where you can create a chatbot that will help customers to solve their customer service issue at a specific category before directing customer to the right person to talk to or the correct answer.


Chatbots for sales: -


A Chatbot can also help to generate leads into your sales pipeline. whether you use it to set appointment or to collect some emails for your newsletter it can be a great start to a customer journey. There are so many customers that don't like to pick up the phone and call so by the use of bot for them it is easy way to start communication online.


Chatbots for FAQ: -


Let customers or potential customer ask common questions on your chatbot. You can set a bot with question options and their corresponding answers which is a great way to offer information to your customer in a more interactive setting. It will also help customers to engage with your chatbots.


Chatbots for shopping: -


Facebook messenger chatbots will also allow business to provide and in app shopping experience. You can also customize this for customers to allow or browse through product or even, they can make purchases directly within the chatbots.


Chatbots for marketing: -


You can also use bots for lead nurturing device. If  someone sends message once on your chatbot then you can continue sending them informational messages.That are helpful for customer after that they can nurture them into making a purchase or signing up for services. This can be a more powerful tool because it is a direct form of one to one communication.


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