Advertising agency is a service based business dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertisements for its clients. An ad agency handles overall marketing strategies, branding strategies and sales promotion for its clients. It is independent from client an provides an outside point of view. There are advertising experts or specialists in planning, creating and placing of advertisement. They plan and execute entire advertising campaigns and also conduct market research on behalf of business enterprises. The expertise chooses the necessary description or brands, design the package or labels on the package. They select the media of advertisement. Their role is to prepare entertainment as well as commercial spots for radio and TV advertisements.



IN-HOUSE AGENCIES: The Organizational structure and functioning of in-house agencies are almost like full-service agencies in most cases. The advertising director of the corporate usually heads an in-house agency. In house agencies are organized consistent with the requirements and requirements of the corporate and are staffed accordingly.


FULL - SERVICE AGENCIES: As the name says, a full-service bureau is one that handles all phases of advertising process for its clients: it plan, creates, produces and places advertisements for its clients. In addition, it'd provide other marketing services like advertisement, trade shows, exhibits, newsletters and annual reports.


SPECIAL SERVICE AGENGIES: There are many agencies, which take up only specialized advertising jobs. Some fields like recruitment, finance, outdoor advertising, social advertising, etc. require specialized knowledge. Specialization occurs in such fields for a spread of reasons.


CRETAIVE BOUTIOUES: In general, boutiques create imaginative and interesting advertising themes and produce innovative and original advertisements. A company that uses an ingenious boutique would need to employ another agency to perform the design , buying and administrative functions connected with advertising.



  • Creating a advertise on the basis of information gathered about a particular product.
  • Researching on the company and the product
  • Planning for where and when to use which type of media
  • An advertising agency is a service provider that helps its clients by developing suitable ad for them.
  • Their aim is to represent its client’s product and services before customers in such a way that a positive image is created in their minds
  • Advertising agency’s role start with identification of its client’s goals and objectives.
  • Taking the feedbacks from the client as well as from the customers and then deciding the future action plan.




  1. LOCATION: It is a key factor because you would want your chosen agency to be near your business. If you choose one that is far away from the city, it’ll add to travel costs and inconvenience. You had want to be able to hold meetings frequently rather than once in a few months or a year. Choose one which is closer. This will lead to high productivity level as well and would make the job easier.


  1. YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: While selecting an advertising agency, it is advisable to look into the number of years they have been in the industry. Not only does experience teaches us new things but also helps in recognizing what the client is actually looking for, this helps in saving both time and money.


  1. SERVICES OFFERED BY AD- AGENCIES: Compare the range of agency services with the services you need. Many advertising agencies provide basic advertising-related services such as account management, creative work, media planning and buying, and advertisement production. Always look for agencies that offer other services such as public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion or social media if those services are important to your business. Evaluate agencies that integrate the other services with advertising to ensure consistent communication of your marketing messages.


  1. RATE CHARGED: How the agency would charge the client must be clearly understood, so that there is no misunderstanding afterwards. Even if, it is in a billing, based method or cost based method is not enough. The rates charged must be more specific and a detailed analysis of the method adopted is necessary.


  1. COMPANY’S PAST RECORD: While choosing an advertising agencies past performance of the agency will give you a rough idea about the way they work and the end result which is delivered accordingly you can also bid for price and set a cost for structure.


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