Advertising in 1900s The Golden Age

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Advertising in the developing world was dominated by agencies in the imperial powers, especially from London and Paris. J. Walter Thompson became the first American agency to expand internationally with the opening of J. Walter Thompson London in 1899. It expanded across the globe, becoming one of the first American agencies in Egypt, South Africa and Asia. Much of the pressure to expand came from General Motors, which wanted to export its automobiles worldwide. Ford turned to N.W. Ayer, which began its expansion in Europe and Latin America in the 1930s. The typical policy was to put an American manager in charge and hire a staff drawn from locals who had a better understanding of the language and the culture. In 1941–42, however, Ayer closed its foreign offices and decided to concentrate on the American market.

In 2011, spending on advertising reached $143 billion in the United States and $467 billion worldwide.


Many components of Indian culture and trade have British roots so that British advertising models typically work well. In 1991, the govt. dramatically liberalised the Indian economy, gap it to international business. The emergence of a moderately affluent middle-class enumeration within the many millions attracts international firms and international advertisers. Advertising in Bharat operates at 2 levels. Ads for the high-value product seem in English-language papers like The Hindu and therefore the Madras Mail, which targeted Europeans and high-status Indians. against this, ads for low-value product area unit generally placed in vernacular papers and area unit aimed toward a lower class with extremely restricted defrayal power. The social class and peasant populations, with terribly low disposable incomes, area unit rarely targeted by advertising agencies. native merchants would possibly use signs and posters to succeed in them. Cricket is one sport wherever the Indians have had international success so that cricket stars area unit distinguished endorsers in national advertising.

Subtle cultural norms are simply transgressed. In 2002, widespread protests forced Hindustan Lever Ltd. (the Indian subsidiary of London-based Unilever) to cancel a tv cause for its fairness cream owing to its portrayal of ladies. The campaign was designed around the theme of a father sorrowful "If solely I had a son" whereas showing his problem: a dark-skinned, unattractive girl. Fast-forward. She uses truthful & pretty cream and has become a beautiful caucasian beauty. Clad during a fashionable skirt, could be a prosperous airline tender and takes her proud father to dine at a five-star edifice. The All Bharat Women's Democratic Association (AIDWA), a far-left political organization, lodged a grievance with the National Human Rights Commission in the capital of India. It argued endorsing the normal preference for sons strengthens gender discrimination, which could be a major downside in Bharat. what is more, said AIDWA, the ad perpetuated a culture of discrimination during a society wherever "fair skin" is similar to "beautiful." The government's Ministry of data and broadcast sided with AIDWA and directed stations to not air the ads as a result of they profaned the Cable and tv Networks Act of 1995 that states that no promotional material shall be permissible that "derides any race, caste, colour, creed and nationality" and what is more states that, "Women should not be represented during a manner that emphasizes passive, submissive qualities and encourages them to play a subordinate secondary role within the family and society." The minister told Parliament that if broadcasters don't regulate ad content the govt. are going to be forced to try to thus. The Mumbai-based Advertising Standards Council of Bharat(ASCI), a body of advertisers and media agencies, insisted that it ought to do the control, not the govt. ASCI had already told Hindustan Lever that its cause was offensive and it was terminated.

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