5 Sure-shot Ways To Grow Your Facebook Marketing

The most widely used social media platform, Facebook, is one of the most difficult sources to market your business, with the drastic reduction in organic reach.

Hence, Facebook Marketing is one essential skill to possess to expand your business and stand out from the crowd by increasing visibility and reach using effective strategies and measures. Every business is unique and it is important to highlight the key features that add value to people consuming its content so that they end up becoming potential clients. 



  • Create an Engaging, Informative Business Page -



Your Facebook page is your virtual hoarding that grabs people’s attention. The landing page should be super creative in terms of having elements such as an attractive logo (that people would identify your brand with), an attractive cover image depicting your business and all the relevant information concisely, comprising details such as the location, contact details, link to the website and the products that the business offers.


Your posts must remain attractive for the viewer and the viewer ends up investing time in your content and interacting with it by liking it, adding comments as well as sharing it. The more the viewer interacts with your content, the more Facebook would push your content and help it reach a wider audience.



  • Engage with your Audience often -



Along with adding value to people’s lives with your business, it is important to engage with them and make them feel like they are part of your family. This can be achieved by sharing aspects of the business apart from just showcasing the product. For example, posting content about the vision of the company, posting attractive videos and attention-grabbing content, going live through the page, regular updates via stories, or organizing giveaways for the audience. 


All the above steps are focused on engaging with the audience and making them feel an emotional connection with the brand, and hence, building a dee

pe relationship. Once the audience starts to associate with the brand, they would look forward to purchasing the products as well as engaging with the content by sharing it with their circle.



  • Share Great Content - 



“Adding Value” is the best way to create content for your targeted audience. If your content adds value to the customers, they would end up consuming it and sharing it, no matter what the format of the content. The content should be great in terms of being attention-grabbing, containing the relevant information and having the potential to engage the viewer. For example, a post could contain the details of the product in a well-organized manner that a viewer can consume at a glance. 


It is important to keep in mind that Facebook has restricted organic reach to a great extent. Hence, the only way to surpass the barrier is to have exceptionally good content that stands out.  



  • Use Social Proof to your Advantage -



The audience is generally attracted to content that already has a lot of engagement and people have interacted with it, hence, building the credibility of the product. It is vital to building a “Customer Look Alike Audience” by increasing the number of likes on the particular post and sharing it as much as possible to ensure maximum reach. Facebook marketing is all about the content and the “numbers”, which build trust in the audience.


When the customers share the product and provide their valuable feedback, it, in turn, adds value to the content being posted on the Facebook page. This is termed Social Proofing. 



  • Post when your Competitors are Asleep -



“Being at the right place at the right time” matters a lot on social media. The time at which you post content should be decided by analyzing when your competitors' post and strategically avoiding competition, directing the social media traffic to your post. Eliminating competition is one of the ways to stay ahead of the competition. 

The Facebook algorithm is very unpredictable but our efforts should always be to use the right keywords and analyze how we can ensure maximum reach with every post. This can be achieved by being consistent, sharing a lot of content, and posting at the right time.


That was a lot of information. But Facebook marketing isn’t easy, and we wanted to make sure you started on the right path.

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