How Digital Marketing is changing in 2018: 5 Top Trends

How Digital Marketing is changing in 2018: 5 Top Trends



Digital marketing seem to be rearranging its deck by the mid of 2018, in the past months we have surely witnessed changes in the market and your company needs to stay focused on the upcoming and dissolving trends. A more integrated experience is expected by the consumers where the companies need to become more visible and increase their reach to consumers.
       1. Augmented Reality through Social Media

Mobile devices is becoming the most powerful element which can be associated with any apps. Social applications better integrate with AR. Brands use AR to have a better engagement with consumers. It increases a level of excitement for consumers to use that brand. For example Pokémon Go was the mastermind with this idea. AR is developed into apps and used on mobile devices to blend digital components into the real world in such a way that they enhance one another, but can also be told apart easily.

  1. Video Marketing
    There’s been a lot gossip about stats for video marketing by 2018, that it will increase by 69% of all consumer traffic in addition to that mobile video advertisement will grow 5 times than desktop and the conversion rate of landing pages will lead to 800% more.
    Favourite tips to avail compelling and promising videos
  • Don’t sale, Centre it around the story
  • Tag it up – Optimize the search
  • Lighten up – No boring content

Video is becoming more popular and will continue to stay top trending influential form on digital platform.

  1. Different Kind Of Content Marketing

With the rise of Voice and Video Marketing, Content marketing is slowly losing its hold. Content marketing is coming up more snippets or interactive tutorials that are interactive with people and keep them engaging. Content have become more interactive than the previous style and tend to integrate easily with the UI features.

  1. Voice Marketing

Google says that there’s been a rise by 20% for its mobile queries through voice searches and it will increase more as people will get more use to it. With Alexa and Siri in the room, there’s been a lot of engagement among consumers to use voice search than the traditional way of search. Marketers need to focus on creating content that captures these types of searches. Experiment these few practices to enhance voice search use.

  • Fail gracefully, humbly and helpful
  • Be a good host
  • Make the user feel heard
  • Design for Context & Continuity
  1. More Targeted Ads with Specific Purpose.

Mobile ad platform have shown ongoing growth in 2018 on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. People already have minimal spans and are overdosed with dozens of ads every day. Escaping the previous method of advertisement ads have become more singular purposed with a very specific goal in mind of conversion whether it be desktop or mobile experience.