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The importance of Voice Search Optimisation for your local business

Are you losing traffic because people don’t search according to your ideas? voice search resources not only helps you to get more traffic from people who use Siri and Alexa But also become a major pillar of your SEO strategy.

Voice search is huge and it is becoming more and more popular. In this article, you will learn why you need to optimize for voice search and how to ensure that your business appears in voice search. This may be the case if your website is not optimized for voice search.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is a form of the online word search. With the help of artificial intelligence, the device can detect your voice and query towards the search engines.

Nowadays voice search is trending. A survey by eMarketer shows that almost 40% of Internet users in the United States use voice search, which enhances the number of voice-enabled devices.

Also, there are approximately 1 billion voice searcher users for a month and mobile users are more than 3 times higher.

How to optimize voice search content?

It's Convenient to use voice search as you don't have to type a search query because when you use smart speakers like Google Home, you often get a response to your search.

Consumers can also use it on their laptops and computers. this means you can use voice searchers on any device and that's easy to use.

  1. Use Longtail keyword

With the help of Long-tailed keywords, you can make your business grow from voice search. Most of the websites ignore the importance of these long keywords, phrases and stick to using the most common short words in typed search.

Long-tail keywords sound more natural, as a person may speak, unlike a single keyword for traditional search terms. Keep your sentences short and understand your target audience so you know the questions they will ask you. Generating these types of keywords will increase the chances that SEO and voice assistants will find you online.

  1. 2. Know your Target Audience

Your content should prioritize your target audience's questions; therefore, a deeper understanding of your target audience is required. Your content should be like 'why', 'who', 'what', and 'how'. When answering questions that you expect your target audience to ask themselves, make the answers clear and concise to improve the quality while making them conversational.

  1. Make Mobile Friendly website

Voice search is mainly done on mobile devices, so perhaps it goes without saying that your website should be easy to use on a smartphone as well as on a computer. A big part of voice search is location-based search. This means that when someone uses their phone to find something local, you will want to make sure your website is easily accessible, easy to use, and responsive to mobile.

  1. Update your Gooogle My business

Google my business is an important part of Seo and Voice Search. Since Voice Searches are frequently used to find vital information about your business, like contact details, addresses, and opening hours, Google must have the appropriate data regarding Business. This will give google all the information about your business like what your business do, when it opens, where it is located, and many more. so it's a quick way to get accurate results from people's queries.

  1. Use structured data

These details can range from pricing options to contact information and even different parts or hierarchies of the network. This data is also very useful for search engines because web crawlers or robots can clearly "understand" your website by letting metadata or sitemaps so that they can calculate the relevance of the content. services such as, SchemaApp, and Google’s own structured data markup assistant not only allow you to increase your SEO ranking by 30% but also better respond to voice-based searches, especially using the Speakable attribute of Schema.

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