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5 ways to boost your Content Marketing strategy:

Over the years, I have heard that “Content is the king”, but what exactly does that mean? is it only the information that we keep reading about the products, or should I say the information that keeps popping on our screens every time we view a particular product.  What distinguishes a particular brand from the other? The customer bases? Their product? No! what distinguishes a particular brand from other is the way they deliver their content, that’s what makes the brand stand out!

What exactly is content marketing?

In common man’s language, Content marketing involves creating and sharing valuable content to reach the potential customer. The purpose is to make people aware about the product. If you deliver the relevant information to the right consumer, they will reward you by purchasing that product/service. It is not restricted to the text information, it also includes, the audio, visuals that you put up on your advertisements.

When it comes to FMCG brand, there is one brand that always manages to strike a golden lightening in content marketing, which is AMUL. AMUL has its own unique way to address issue. The creatives of AMUL reflect the AMUL girl’s (Mascot) perception and her way of addressing the issue. Their idea is to make people relate to the issue and also to their brand.

Here are the 5 ways in which you can boost your content marketing strategy:

  1. Clear objectives and goals:

When you chalk out a particular strategy, you need to be very particular about your objectives. Make a note of what you want to achieve out of this campaign, is it the engagement, conversions, reach.


  1. Know your audience:

When it comes to implementing a content marketing strategy, you should have a clear vision about who you want to target. Target people with similar interests, know about their income group, age, gender. Don’t sell your service/product to random people.


  1. Relevant Content:

To establish a communication channel between your brand and your potential consumer you should serve relevant content on marketing channels. The content should be such, that people can easily associate & relate themselves with your brand. Join the bandwagon and keep updating your audience about the new product line that matches with the ongoing trends.


  1. Make use of infographics:

Nothing sells your product better than stats provided for it. In order to make people aware about why your product is best, you first need to prove that how many people are already benefited by it.  You can add the charts and graphs showing company’s growth over the years thereby winning the audience vote & retaining the previous customers.


  1. Evaluate your metrics:

How do you know if a particular post is what your audience asked for?  How do you evaluate your performance? To gauge your performance, you need metrics measurement tools which will help you to analyze & keep a track of your best performing product/service.


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