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8 ways in which Digital Marketing scores over Traditional channels of marketing.

The quote which perfectly fits the present market scenario is by Brian Clarke, “These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of being pitched.” When you want to sell a product to someone, you are not selling that tangible good, you are selling the idea behind it. When we talk about selling the idea, the purpose is to make buyer aware about, “How the product is made”, “What is it’s durability”, “How will it benefit them”, etc. 

Many of us use the term “Marketing” & “Selling” interchangeably, but there’s a huge difference in Marketing & Selling. Here, let me give you an example which will clear you misconception:

Selling:  Mr. .x wants to buy a Camera, he visits an electronic appliance store, he asks the representative to show him the Camera of specific Model No. the sales executive shows him the product, and then Mr. buys it.”.

Marketing: Mr. X wants to buy Camera, he visits an electronic appliance store, the representative explains to him about all the additional features he is eligible for if he opts for different model in the same price range and then pursues him to buy the product which otherwise, he may not have opted for."

When you educate people about the product, chances are the potential customers will get converted into leads. Now, you might be wondering, which marketing channel to opt for? Whether we should stick with Traditional marketing channel or a whether we should go for a Digital Marketing strategy? It all depends upon what business you are in, but in today’s world, it is must to have your presence on digital media. Also, digital media is not only restricted to social media, it includes, the Ads that we see on Television, the 30 second ads that pop when playing podcasts. If you ask me, I would prefer Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing any day, because of the exposure that it has to offer. When Covid-19 flared up, the printing press came to a halt, Most of the BPO’s ran out of fund, there was no medium to market your product. In such time, Digital Marketing comes into picture. When you digitize your brand and market your products online, unknowingly, you get associated with every other person who uses that platform.

Why Digital Marketing has an upper hand?

  1. Global Reach: When you advertise your product on a digital platform, the products get listed worldwide, a large set of audience interacts with your posts. Digital Marketing diminishes the geographical boundaries thereby opening up new marketing avenues.


  1. Low Cost: The pillar that holds the business is finance. In digital marketing, you can make a minimum investment and still succeed with a right digital marketing strategy. Here, the ROI determines your cost.


  1. Metrics Measurement: The advantage of Digital Marketing is that it enables us to track our performance & the analytics helps us to optimize our website as per the needs.


  1. Audience Targeting: Digital Marketing provides detailed targeting, where you can target your audience based on their location, age, gender, mobile devices. Detailed targeting benefits the brand when you want to target a specific set of people.



  1. Making Use of Audio, Visual aids: The added advantage in digital marketing channels is the use of audio, visual aids to deliver the content. People are more likely to associate themselves with the brand when they can see how the product works, thus giving them an idea about how beneficial it will be for them.


  1. Building a brand image: When your business gets digitized, you can ask the consumers to rate your services or to provide a feedback for the same, in this way, a large set of audience gets a gist about the quality of the services that you offer.


  1. Lead Generation: When listing your business on digital medium, you have plethora of options to choose from, social networking sites helps you to be a part of the community which shares your interests, thereby giving you an upper hand to generate more leads.


  1. Monitoring competitors: Yours is not the only brand which is delivering the service, there are so many competitors who might be using the same tactics as you. With the help of digital medium, you can keep a hawk eye on what your competitors are up to and then offer a service in a unique way.


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