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Google Analytics: Measure Your Success Story.


“You become addicted to progress and fall in love with the process.”

This has been my go-to quote, because I believe in the process rather than the final output. Process helps to give a structure to the path after you’ve mastered the foundation by constantly giving you a reality check about what works in your favor and what doesn’t. How do you know if a particular thing works for you? There has to be some parameter which helps you decide that!

In the 21st Century, we have been witnessing numerous technological advancements. No matter how big or small your business is, you need to have a strong digital presence. How do you know which strategy works for your business? Here, the deciding parameter is the metrics that our websites offer. Let’s take an example of Amazon – the largest E-Commerce giant. Reminiscing about the old days, back then it started as a bookstore and now, it offers you with a large variety of products. What made them do so? How did they analyze about what people need? How do they manage to deliver region centric goods? The brain behind analyzing all the customer’s metrics lies in tools such as Google Analytics, which helps provide a blueprint to the customer’s data.

What is Google Analytics? In simple terms, it is a web analytic tool that helps to track, record and report the web traffic associated with your digital presence. The metrics offered by them helps in analyzing your business, thereby giving you a clear idea on how to optimize your web content. The main elements of Google Analytics are Customized dashboard (Audience Report), Keyword Referrals, Conversion Tracking and Traffic Reporting.

Benefits Of Google Analytics:

1. Familiarizing with your audience: 
The customized dashboard on Google Analytics offers a wide set of data about your audience, from the demographic data to the mobile devices that they used

2. Customer Engagement Reports:

Customer engagement reports gives you a brief idea about how customers interact with your website.

 Bounce rate – The number of visitors that navigate on your website without interacting on the links that are present on the page. Higher bounce rate indicates that the content on your webpage is not relevant to what you audience wants.

 Average Session Duration – The average amount of time a visitor spends on your website.

 Pages/Session – Average number of pages that a user visits when navigating on your website.

3. Keyword Referrals:

In layman’s term, ‘KEYWORD’ refers to phrases or the words that people type out on search engines to get the desired information. In order to rank your website on top of search engine it is important to include those keywords which will generate more inbound links, driving more traffic on your website.

4. Conversion Tracking:
Conversion happens when a website visitor turns into a customer/client. It means when a user purchases a particular product/service listed on your website. A Google Analytics tracking URL is used to track conversion. You need to link the tracking ID with your websites in order to get the data.

 5. Social Media Management:
When we talk about digital presence, we must ensure to make an effective impression of our brand on different social media platform. Google Analytics helps to drive the maximum, targeted traffic to your webpage.

Google Analytics is one of the best & FREE tool to analyze website metrics and thereby helping to build a stronger web presence. When you analyze your results and understand the loopholes, it becomes easier to optimize your content. Now that you know how to measure your success story, are you ready to take your business digital? Trust your analytics and let’s get the ball rolling into a digital era.


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