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The Art of Behavioral Science: Convert your prospects into Clients.

The moment you read the word “Behavioral science”; you start referring it with some scientific complicated terms. Trust me, not all the big words are complicated as they sound. In simple terms, Behavioral Science deals with the study of human behavior and later analyzing the traits and utilizing it to improve the quality of life of people. You must be wondering, how do we co-relate Behavioral Science with Marketing, there is no way these 2 things can be related. Trust me, it is co-related and every activity that you carry on the internet is used to track your behavior in order to serve you better! Behavioral science has the power of empathically decoding consumers' mindsets.

How cool does that sound, when you say, “I am Behavioral Science Marketer”? quite fascinating right? What exactly does a behavioral science marketer do? The job of a behavioral science marketer is to offer a realistic understanding of human behavior. After analyzing the behavior and studying the metrics, the insights are later used to influence consumer behavior.

Here are some quick suggestions which will help you boost your sales and generate more audience engagements:

  1. Catchy Headline that will make your content stand out:

The first thing that draws the reader’s attention is the headline, make sure to use emojis, capitalized words to make your headline catchy. Certain words like, “Discount”, “Offer”, “Sales” “New” often attract the audience.


  1. Be Particular when it comes to Image Selection:

The creatives that are used in brand promotion should be radiant. They have the power to communicate with your audience. Design a creative in such a manner that the audience should relate it with their own personal experiences.


     3. Put yourself in customer’s shoe:

Selling random products won’t help, look for what your customers need and accordingly offer them the products which will help to solve their problem or curb the further loss.


  1. Social Proofing:

The term ‘Social Proofing’ or often referred to as ‘Herding’ means when people’s decision is influenced by their surroundings. Letting people know what others are already doing not only makes the decision-making process easier for many individuals but also instigates the modern phenomenon of FOMO (fear of missing out).


     5. Use charts for graphical representation:

Charts and graphs add more credibility to your information. Including charts and graphs to convince customers offer a sense of veracity to your business.


Behavioral science has the power of empathically decoding consumers' mindsets. Behavioral science if used effectively and accurately will definitely help you to yield better results (convert the prospects into customers).

As Gary Vaynerchuk has rightly quoted,

“The better you learn the psychology and habits of your social media consumersthe better you can tell the right story at the right time”.


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