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Building Valuable Brands In Uncertain Times

 5 Effective Brand Building Strategies For Long-Term Success

The debate is raging, whether COVID 19 is a Black swan event or not. Regardless of the conclusion writing is on the wall. This pandemic has forced all businesses to rethink their models, processes, and view towards the business.

The marketing and branding efforts are no exceptions. The ROI estimation models have gone for a toss and many of the companies are finding themselves uncertain in these uncertain times.  

As the adage goes, Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. The only thing a person can ever really do is keep moving forward. Sticking to that, moving forward business for sure needs a hard look at brand management.

Take an Initiative

Uncertainty is not limited to businesses. Every individual is in a state of confusion. The path ahead seems obscure. That’s where a brand can step in.  People expected to be lead on and in times of confusion; leadership is the most influential boots to fill. Take the initiative. Converse.  Guide. Educate. Processes don’t do business, people do.  Guide your employees, their family’s and your customers. Educate them, leverage official sources. Stand against misinformation. Inactivity may not be noticed but ignorance will be.     

Innovation brings influence

What is creative will always be sold. Innovation is an answer to almost anything.  How to achieve it in messaging, its reception is the challenge that must be dealt with. If proven successful it can go a long way to help your brand establish itself significantly. It may truly make you an outlier.

Transform Digitally

Pandemic has halted all life except one:  Digital. Branding too can get a significant Digital shakeup. More investment towards the digital footprint of the company will only help to keep the brand relevant in the market. A digital footprint can become a tool to give a necessary shift or even a facelift given changing times. Secondly, think of transforming into a digital and data-driven company. To prepare for the era of digital super acceleration, full digital transformation is a critical success factor

Here are the communication guidelines for the brands:

  1. Start communicating

Do not wait for a trend to settle. Start communicating with your customers today.  Reach out, open the channels. Make a statement. Leverage the official resources. Do not refrain from going out of the way to spread the message.

  1. Invest in today for tomorrow.

A company that puts resources to build and sustain a well-crafted, credible brand has managed to secure immunity against the low-margin, profitless existence. While most of their competitors will cut back on customer services, the leaders in the respective industries will be investing to keep their brands visible, relevant, and trustworthy in the eyes of the customers. The time spent in honing their value proposition will only result in those brands emerging as the smart, safe outlier.

  1. Use a variety of communication methods

Many brands, companies limit themselves to specific channels. It is time to change. Explore different modes of communication. Maybe it may also prove beneficial to have a greater reach and find larger audiences. Prerequisites are of course the understanding of the modes of communication.

  1. Be sensitive and helpful

Times are tough and emotions run high. The last thing you can do is to be insensitive or add to the fear. Indifference isn’t the way but rather willingness to contribute in whichever capacity necessary.  All of us are suffering; a word of reassurance may go a long way. After all human connection is universal and cannot be marginalized by brand parameters.

  1. Reinvent the conversation

Lastly, the most affected brands. Large scale lockdowns were in place. And even the resumption hasn’t brought normality in place. What can be done at such times is to reinvent the message. Change the traditional ways. Reshape the offerings. Encourage reinterpretation and most importantly be patient with results.





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