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M&M: Memes & Marketing

M&M: Memes & Marketing


It is no brainer that memes have a viral quality to them. Pretty much everywhere, on every other social media platform, you come across memes. Have you wondered how memes could be leveraged successfully as a brand awareness strategy? Yes, several brands are now using viral memes for creating awareness about their brand. Want to know what is it all about? Let’s take a look.

To start off, what is a meme?

According to Wikipedia, “Meme is a concept that spreads from person to person via the Internet.” Before the internet era, this concept meant any regional sayings, fashion, and architectures. But in this era of the internet, chances of a meme material are infinite. It could be a picture of a cat who can’t spell, popular cartoons or any silly image that has been circulated all over to be an infinitely replicable piece of content.

Why do memes work?

Memes are often said to be “carriers of culture”. Memes can be used to connect your audience with you. Memes are pretty easy to consume and have a great sharable value, they are often familiar and most importantly FUNNY.

These are the points that make memes a great choice for brands:

  • Memes are easy to capitalize because of shared knowledge
  • Memes make your brand more authentic
  • Complex concepts such as brand personality & company culture can be easily explained using memes
  • They lead to a higher level of engagement within your audience

Precautions While you use memes for promotion:

  • Check copyright on the images: It is important to know that whatever material you are using is not copyrighted.
  • Have a clear policy in place: Figure out what’s your brand’s tolerable level of risks and design guidelines that everyone on your team understands and follows
  • Make sure your creative doesn’t imply an endorsement

5 Ways you can use memes to their fullest marketing potential:

  1. Know your target audience

How internet savvy is your audience? Will your audience recognize a meme? You can start with sharing a meme that uses a work or image or you can share a video that is relevant to your brand. If your audience doesn’t seem to recognize, then consider changing your meme game. Use other ways of digital marketing or make use of memes that are funny without being known.

  1. Make sure you yourself are familiar with memes

Consider this as the first rule of making memes that you essentially need to know what you are talking about. There’s nothing worse than using a meme incorrectly and then getting put on blast for it. So if you know about memes well & good and if not, then do your research.

  1. Try making memes as a part of your post

You are free to use all sorts of relevant meme content in your social media posts because for the people that understand, they will think that they are “in” on something, while the people that don’t, would want to take another look.

  1. Use existing memes, if you can’t then create new ones

Memes work wonders when applied and adapted to your cause. Just applying a meme to your company won’t always be enough, use a meme to announce a contest, you could also create your very own #hashtag or you can even attempt to make a video and try to make it go viral.

  1. Have fun!

It’s clear that, if you are having fun and enjoy making memes you will surely produce quality meme content. In turn, you will be greeted by reader loyalty and those brownie points- likes, retweets, shares. So don’t forget to have fun.

In all, take slow steps, experiment and you will discover that memes can create power for your brand but only if you use them responsibly.

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