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5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Google Rankings

5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Google Rankings

Everyone is interested in improving their visibility on search engines and many are looking for shortcuts too, besides accepting the fact that SEO is a long term game. No shortcuts can give you quick results.

SEO has its own unique set of variables.


Following are 5 ways you can boost your Google Ranking-

  • Publish Relevant Content
  • Work on links
  • Use Image Alt Attribute
  • Optimize the Page Speed
  • Use Crowlabe URL structure


1 - Publish Relevant Content

Quality content is the king of your search engine rankings & there won’t be any other substitute for good quality & relevant content. Relevant content created for the right audience will increase website traffic, which will improve your website’s domain authority. You should identify and target the right keywords for every page of your website. Think from the visitor’s perspective to search on Google and how your keyword should appear in your content.


2 - Work on Links

Work on your internal as well as external links to get website traffic. Fix broken links connected to your website and use high quality links only. Links from other websites to your site determine your page rank. Keep checking for broken links by tools like W3C link checker to spot 404 errors and fix them. A malicious, error-laden website will lead to a penalty from Google, which will affect its ranking.


3 - Use Image Alt Attributes

It is very helpful to have ALT attributes for your image and videos or alternative text description on the website. This will allow search engines to locate your page. It is a good practice to use attributes for relevant images because ALT attributes rank high on search results and optimizing your image can bring you a good amount of traffic. Large views on your image can increase brand awareness too.


4 - Optimize for Speed

Optimize your website for a fast page load. Your site needs to be optimized for desktop as well as for mobile. Page speed should be a minimum of 3 seconds. A good page speed can help you to keep visitor engaged on website.


5- Use Crow Labe URL Structure

Another awesome method to increase higher positioning is to utilize crawlable URL address for your site. An accessible URL structure makes it simple for the web crawler to discover your site and recognize the content. An all-around characterized URL encourages the site to rank better as well as influences the visitor to encounter wonderful.


Here are some tips:

  • Avoid capital letters as they can confuse search engines and make it more difficult to understand.
  • Google robots understand hyphens and not underscores.


Outbound links are good for SEO, but too many of them can be distracting and if they are not directly related to the topic, it can impact the reader’s experience. Good content on every single page on the site may help to improve your Google ranking, but it will also create confusion when a visitor is trying to look for certain key

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