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Difference between Brand and Reputation

Brand and reputation are linked to each other but they are two different things. Brand and Reputation are both equally important for a company to maintain they’re goodwill and profit for the company. Brand and Reputation are the two main aspects of a company. These both should be equally taken care of and both are important. If one gets damaged the fallout will effect both of them. As Warren Buffett once observed about reputation: A great reputation is like virginity – ‘it can be preserved but it can’t be restored.”  Brand and Reputation are defined as:

Brand Image:

The image in the consumers mind of a brand's total personality (real and imaginary qualities and shortcomings). Brand image is developed over time through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme, and is authenticated through the consumers' direct experience. See also corporate image.


The aggregate evaluations of a partnership's past activities and the capacity of the organization to convey enhancing business results to different investors after some time. For example, many businesses assess corporate reputations using financial soundness, quality of management, products and services and market competitiveness as the criteria for ranking.

Brand and reputation are firmly connected however not equivalent words. Associations that don't understand the contrast between corporate reputation and brand are in risk of being caught in a ceaseless cycle of emergencies, as indicated by Plus 94 Research CEO Sifiso Falala.

“The first thing you expose your company to is a higher risk of reputational see-saw, and a crisis management culture,” he says.

The error can emerge in light of the fact that neither brand nor reputation are physical resources, however both offer objectives and are molded by communication. While brand can be comprehended to be about partner recognition that can be controlled, reputation is past an association's control. For instance, a great brand impression can be made through a brilliant promoting effort, however you can't publicize your way to a decent reputation. Marking can make you applicable, while reputation makes you trustworthy.

“A company’s brand image is the sum total of all the perceptions held by its current, past, and potential customers about the company’s products and services.

A reputation is much more than that.

"Reputation is the aggregate of the public's conclusion about an organization’s corporate activities. More or less, if brand is image plus identity, reputation is these two consolidated in addition to the character of the business, or the embodiment of the business as a person.”

So What's the Takeaway?


It is important to create powerful PR procedures for both brand and reputation. While it frequently makes sense to begin with the brand, as organizations turn out to be more settled reputation picks up more importance. Luckily, the present innovation makes it conceivable to comprehend and impart how each is inclining so you can address the general impression of your organization with both potential clients and the general public on the loose. Both brand image and brand reputation influence PR impact. Also, by attempting to enhance both utilizing an information driven PR system, you can at long last demonstrate the ROI on your PR efforts and how they are driving the primary concern of business.

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