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Rich Snippets: A Trick To Increase Search Traffic For Your Website and Blog!

Most of us are busy trying to build backlinks for our website and our blogs so that it can rank in SERP’s. Building links are essential to get traffic, but the question arises: Is that the only option we should look for? Is it all about building links or is there anything more we can do to increase search traffic?

Have you heard about Rich Snippets? Rich Snippets help users to get detailed information about different subjects including recipes, reviews, people, events, Music, business/organizations, breadcrumbs etc. Not only is this beneficial for users but also to provide relevant or important information about your website to search engines.

Optimization of Rich Snippets extracts information from your website which would look differently from the ordinary page title, URL and Meta description in the search results. Additional information such as ratings, photos, author details and so on would stand out from the rest of the listings in the search results and this could catch attention of the user. This extra information will make easier for the user to identify what exactly the website is all about and also satisfies his search.

For example, if you were doing a search for “chicken BBQ”, which one of these listings you would like click?

Rich Snippets

Let us see the various types of Rich Snippets, each types will take you to the Google’s instructions page stating installation process of Rich Snippets:

So, have you installed rich snippets on your website yet? Hope you have found this article helpful! Please don’t forget to share and stay tuned for new updates and blogs from Eyecatchers.

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