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Branding vs. Logo Design: Understand the Difference

logo vs branding

Everyone must be aware that every company has its logo. Logo is actually been defined as a shape which a company uses to describe itself. For example there are various big companies whose logo is as Nikes’ Swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches (M) and Starbucks has green mermaid. But what exactly is the branding then.

Branding is the complete experience of how your customers experience your company, Brand is the perceived emotional image of a company as a whole while a logo is just a simple mark which helps in identifying the business.

Let me help you in understanding the concept by taking some examples:

NIKE: Nike uses swoosh as the logo which is one of the most recognized logos among all the famous sports brands.

Nike Logo


The logo represents motion and speed. It’s very nice but very simple as well. While doing branding they have covered everything including commercials, sports celebrity endorsements, product packaging, store design, product placement on tv and movies, sponsorships, in-store graphics, hang-tags, the music in its videos, the design of the website, print ads, product photography, technology, and on and on and on…

So, why do you think Nike has chosen such a simple logo and put all the efforts on the branding? This is because customers will never experience your company through the logo but they will know your brand by your products, packaging, commercials etc. Hence, it is very important to understand that logo is just a small part of all your designing efforts.

Understand how the combination of your logo and branding can help in creating a good impression on your potential customers. .This is how it works.

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  1. When a potential customers sees your logo they will definitely look for something familiar to them.
  2. If they remember the logo for example swoosh of Nike, they will recall all the past experience they had with that brand like commercials, product quality, packaging, seeing others wearing the clothes of the same brand, the way the product is endorsed by the celebrity, the feedback you get from your friends, etc.
  3. With all those collective memories you calculate that you know this company (brand) and what experience you had with the products in the past.
  4. Hence, you decide to buy a pair of shoes from Nike.

So, Logo is a very important visual clue to the brain to recall the brand experience but brand and logo both are hand in hand. The logo must have the clarity, definition, uniqueness and articulation of the larger brand behind it. Hence, you can say the logo is the tip of the brand iceberg.

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