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Search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved more in a previous couple of years than in the past two decades combined which has made it difficult for a normal business person to stay aware of recent updates. Google algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin etc. are there to fight spam links, duplicate content, etc.

However, following are some common mistakes that you should avoid to get better rank in search engine result pages.


  1. Keyword stuffing

Stuffing keyword basically meant to stuff more and more words and phrases on a website page in an attempt to get high ranking in search engine result pages (SERP’s). They are loaded with Meta tags and content of a web page. Repeating a phrase or words won’t boost your page ranking instead of that your website will be kicked down and will start to see lower page ranking in SERP’s.


  1. Choosing wrong keywords

Choosing right keywords is very important to get a better search rank, visitors visit your website for useful and relevant information, so if your keywords are wrong you will attract the wrong kind of traffic to your website getting higher bounce rate. So better always research first which keywords are best for your business or services.


  1. Broken links

Broken links are the hyperlinks which are not taking visitors to its intended destination.  Broken links stop crawlers to index your web page and redirect visitors to the error page and you will start seeing a decrease in your ranking.


  1. Poor content quality

Content quality works beautifully alongside SEO. Visitors seek relevant and useful information with simple navigation. Search engines see websites without much content as a low-quality website, which leads to poor ranking.


  1. Duplicate content

Duplicate content means it appears on the internet in more than one place. Search engine penalize website if the contains any duplicate content, it is highly discouraged and seen as a spam practice and can decrease your ranking in SERP’s.


  1. Avoiding title tags

Your page title is very important in SEO to get better page rank. Every page should have a descriptive and unique title. Your page titles are mainly shared in tweets and are used as a text when someone bookmarks your website. CMSs (content management systems) like Drupal and Joomla auto generate page titles but it should not be continued by your side. You should change it and the title has to be unique for every page because by doing that search engine crawlers can index it properly so that search engine can show relevant content to a search query and it looks worthy in tweets.


  1. Avoiding meta tag description

A Meta description is also very important, they should also be unique and persuasive because search engines use this tag to let visitors know what the page is about. Every page in your website should contain a custom Meta description which will make people click on your listings in SERP’s.


  1. Slow website speed

The speed of your website should be good, if the performance of your website is not good, visitors will leave your site soon, and the bounce rate will be high. This is mainly important for Mobile marketing where users using a mobile device which has a low memory and strong internet connection.

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