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What Is the Rule In Social Media And Its Importance


Social Media is definitely a strong pillar of your marketing strategy, but we should never forget that users engage in their social media accounts to get entertained, socialize and to get connected. If your business is doing only promotional posts, audience would be least bothered and will ignore your posts. Always think of making quality relationships with your targeted audience instead of talking about your business all the time. Best way to keep your audience engaged with your brand is to follow 80/20 rule, whenever you are posting on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or any other platform. Here’s how you apply 80/20 Rule in social media:

80% of Shareable & Quality Content

Audiences always like interesting and educative content, they react to such posts and also share it with their followers. If your social media content is interesting definitely audiences would engage with your content. So, 80% of your social posts should be appealing and users should share it on their social accounts. Now when we say interesting, shareable and quality content; it can be anything like information related to your business, news, inspirational quotes, questions, interesting facts, quiz, and many more. For example, 80% of your updates should be relevant to your business and:

  • Entertaining
  • Emotional
  • Informative
  • Educational
  • Engaging
  • Interesting

Gathering Content which is interesting and also engaging your target audience is difficult task, but the answer lies within the social media accounts itself. Check out for what kind of posts are people reacting and also check out what your competitors are sharing on their social media accounts, this would give you complete idea on which kind of content will work out for your business. Just remember that 80% of your posts should not talk about your business rather be supportive in engaging your audience.

Whatever your business is about, Following this 80/20 rule in your social media marketing would make your brand to be socialized, consistent, maintain effective social media presence and build long-lasting relationship with your customers.


20% of Promotional Content

20% of your content on social media should be about your brand or business. Include every bit of information like your products, services, assets, offers and all that information which benefits your audience and contributes in making right decision about your brand and services. Make sure you include discounts, offers, strong statistics or facts that would make positive impact on your target customers. When your posting such content never forget to include call-to-action that would provoke customers to take an action and also carry on the message to other users. Your content should be so impressive that it should lead to conversion.

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