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Old Strategies for Marketing Still have Importance

In Digital Marketing, the first question is always asked, “Are you updated”. What is new now will be old tomorrow. What is hailed as a one or all solution today might be looked down upon the next day. But there is proverb which still has its importance. Old is Gold. There are some very basic strategies which had taken its position underground. Following are the old main marketing strategies that still works today.

Promotional Gifts To Start with

“Free” is a very appealing word, it always catches eyes of everyone. People like free stuff and businesses knows it. And it still works. The concept of the free gift has always been a great way of making an impression on a customer. Promotional gifts not only let people know about your product but also they convey your message to others. They’re an insight into your business. Impress your target audience with what you have to offer and they might just come back to find out more about you.

Coupons for your Customers

A good coupon strategy will give you a stream of new leads and customers. Coupons are one of the old school technique that businesses use to get the attention of these consumers.Coupons have the effect of expanding or increasing your market area. We know that consumers will travel far to redeem a valuable coupon. Providing coupons will expand your market area. It is very obvious that customer will give its effort to redeem it. It a genuine fact that consumer will move towards where they get good offers. It’s an easy way to stand out in the competition because you’re giving your customers extra value. And that’s what making a sale is all about.


A catchy tagline tells what make their product different from others. It is important for your business slogan that your audience can relate to tremendously increases your chances to be remembered by your consumers. It should be less than five words. A slogan says a lot about your brand, it reflects what you stand for. When you developing your slogan, it should replicate the accurate picture of your brand. These slogans create an identical brand. Combine a slogan with a jingle or a clever ad and you’re bound to get the attention you want. A good slogan is an easy way to make your brand memorable both offline and online.


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