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5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns


Looking for tips to get a better return on your investment? With few modifications, you can increase the chances that your Facebook ad campaigns will succeed.

1. Target followers of similar brands

Narrowing your target audience is always a good idea in terms of getting higher quality social media ad results. On Facebook, you can target followers of specific brands. This is helpful when you are trying to sell to the same customer base as other well-known businesses or if you are trying to target the customer base of other non-competing brands in your market.

2. Monitor Frequency Before Making Changes

Often businesses will create Facebook ad campaigns with beautiful imagery and landing pages, only to pull them down after a few days because of low conversions. It’s important to test a lot of ad variations. This means variations in audiences, imagery, ad copy, and more. When you do testing, be sure to give the campaign time for it to return real data about what’s working. Facebook is also generally very good at optimizing your ads for you as your audience starts to engage.

Run an ad for at least a week before you start to make any drastic changes to the campaign. The larger your campaign budget, the quicker you’ll receive the data that helps you make informed changes to the campaign

3. Choose an eye-catching image

You don't have to use a shot of your business, product or service. Rather use image that will catch people's eyes and have them read your ad. As the image itself can't contain more than 20% words, its main function is to grab attention.

4. Test your images

If you aren't trying LOTS of images, both vertical and horizontal layouts, you're going to have a hard time. Get creative with your imagery — it doesn't have to make perfect sense. Use Flickr or to find free photos you can use. Download 10, and make 10 ad variations. You'll be surprised with your results.

5. Add shareable content

Instead of advertising your product or service directly, run ads to promote interactive content that your users would like to share. Example- You can routinely run quick branded game contests that will offer players discounts and coupons based on their scores. Players can earn scores through game-play and participating in various in-game score boosters. Then use Facebook ads and sponsored posts to promote the game. The results can consistent with lower CPA  and higher CTR.

To summarize, the trick is to identify content that your target audience engages with and use paid campaigns to promote it for optimal performance.


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