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5 Digital Marketing secrets to make your Startup go viral

5 Digital Marketing secrets to make your Startup go viral

Digital marketing is a powerful tool and contributes powerfully to your boost online presence. Everything you are doing to create your digital presence counts toward your brand name getting known. Once you are known by your audience, it'll begin affecting your bottom line. Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to make your startup go viral.

  1. Tell a Story

The number one promotional mistake is focusing too much on your logo or colors and ignoring the story behind the conception of the startup.
Stories are the connections that cause people to shop for new things. If your brand doesn’t tell a compelling story, purchase changes reduce by as much as 50%. 

Science tells us that people look view the world with emotions. What emotions are you pulling in your audience? Are you an eco-friendly brand with a worldwide reach? Are you a rags-to-riches startup that creates life easier? Grab your story and don’t let it go.

  1. Content Development

Memorable and unique content is probably the foremost important tool for digital promoting. For this, the most effective route would be to search out an original author who is ready to produce original content and is able to write down on a spread of topics to attract a vast base of users. An expert writer would know how to play with words and make a story relating to the brand that engages users on a personal level.

Content promoting is one of the necessary aspects of selling nowadays because it establishes trust amongst the customers. Good content will generate up to 7.8 times additional web site traffic. It will additionally strengthen your complete presence and may boost engagement to lead to higher conversion rates overall. Content creation & spread is the least expensive marketing channels available and engages people 62% more than other strategies of digital marketing while generating thrice the results.

  1. Importance of Visuals

The online world is a visual network in today’s day and age. From memes and gifs to images and videos, a visible component is nearly always gifted and with success engages users. A study shows that 94% of additional views are achieved after you add relevant images to the content. Keeping these facts in mind, it's necessary for your promoting methods to be visually interactive.

Visual content is what appeals the most to audiences. According to Inc., by 2019 videos will contribute to 80% of internet traffic. Existing 90% of users claim a video helps them build decisions about a product. Videos are thus instrumental to reach new heights, attract new audiences and increase conversion rates.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Another trick of the trade, if not already in practice, is influencer marketing.
An influencer is an online entity with an audience, big or small. These are typically bloggers, gurus, or YouTubers, and they have their own value to offer your marketing strategy.  The key to influencer marketing is simpler than you think. Don’t fall for pretty numbers.
Just because an influencer has 100k social media followers doesn't mean he or she could be a smart fit. Instead, seek for an audience that's engaged with the influencer, and an audience that aligns along with your brand. The key to any great influencer marketing campaign is making great content. Content that's compelling to your target audience, authentic to the storyteller’s voice, and delivers in-line together with your goals. If any one piece of this equation is missing, the whole content strategy can go wrong.

  1. Offer Something Free

Who doesn’t love free stuff! If you have got an inexpensive product or a downloadable you can supply, this is often a great way to build your mailing list and your brand. You can offer this as a bonus for those that sign up for your service or make a purchase, otherwise, you will use it as an opt-in for your email list.  Whether you are selling t-shirts online or a B2B industrial-grade piping company, free stuff is a proven technique for capturing leads and pushing them down your sales funnel.

Being consistent and regular in your digital marketing strategy will assist you to increase your startup’s visibility most effectively. A good digital marketing strategy will do just that – attract the correct kind of customers to your business – and ensuring your survival in the fast and dynamic industry.


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