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Why your brand should be on Reddit

Reddit is different when it comes to social platforms. For those who are not familiar with how it works, at first, the site comes across as disjointed. Content placement is confusing with its upvotes and downvotes, random pictures and hazardous links and endless communities. But those who learn how to become part of the Reddit community can avail the following benefits for their brands:

  • Driving traffic
  • Branding
  • Testing new products

Ways to Engage on Reddit

Reddit is not like other social networks. The Reddit audience is one that is interested in learning and having in-depth conversations with one another on any topic they can think of. Reddit continues to grow always offering new features to users. The best thing about Reddit is that users themselves self-select the topics they want to be involved in within various communities.


A Reddit post consists of text, links, and images and there are countless ways to use posts to connect with Redditors. Make sure to choose and engage with content most relevant to the business. A lot of nuances exist around posting, so it’s best to get a sense subreddit-specific rules, culture and global guidelines before diving in.

Profile Pages

Profile pages on Reddit operate similar to profile pages on other social sites, where a brand can have an own posts, and users can follow and send messages to the profile manager.

Sponsored Content

Businesses can run sponsored posts on desktop and mobile apps in Reddit on the self-serve platform.

Marketing Success Stories on Reddit

Companies that have had success on Reddit follow the same principles that are needed to success in any social gathering, or approach. Reddit is a place to stay connected with individuals. Big brands and small businesses like have found success on Reddit.

Reddit as a Focus Group

Reddit can even consider the audiences as a focus group for creating content to help users to look for enhanced brand insights and intent.

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