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All You Need to Know About Quora Advertising

All you need to know about Quora Advertising

Quora is a simple question and answer (Q&A) platform where you can ask questions regarding any query. You can also answer questions if you have insights about the said topic. Quora’s user base has been growing consistently since its inception and that’s the reason there is a lot more scope for Advertising on Quora.

Quora Advertising cannot be approached with the perspective of “it’s all about sales”. Industry leaders from all the sectors are on Quora, and they are not looking on making a single dime off of Quora. Marketers use Quora for reach and creating enhanced awareness about their brand. According to an answer given by the CEO of Quora Adam D’Angelo, this platform has 200 million+ unique visitors. The users expect answers for their questions and marketers use Quora to show their expertise and position themselves as authority figures.

Quora Ad Manager

If you have created ad campaigns on Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) or even Facebook Ads Manager, then creating an ad campaign on Quora is an easy task for you.

When you get into Quora’s ad platform you’ll see the Ads manager. It has four tabs - ‘Manage ads’, ‘Pixel & Conversions’, ‘Audiences, ‘Email Reports’.

  1. Manage Ads- This contains two broad sections ‘Spending Summary’ and ‘All campaigns’. Spending Summary gives you the information about Impressions, Clicks, Conversions and Spend. While under All campaigns, metrics like Delivery, Impressions, Clicks, Cost per click, Conversions, Conversion percent, Spend, Remaining budget are seen.
  2. Pixel & Conversions- In order to create your conversion report you have to set up Quora Pixel on your website. For that, as soon as you click on the ‘Pixel & conversion’ from the Ads manager click on ‘Set up Pixel’ and then just copy the pixel code on each page of your website in between the tags.
  3. Audiences- You can target your ads better with the right audiences. You can create your custom audience depending on your motive (like website traffic or lead generation etc) of advertising. You can even create lookalike audiences. This helps in displaying your ads at the right time.
  4. Email Reports: You can create a performance email report under this. You can create it for yourself or other members of your team.

Having talked about the features of Quora Ads, here’s why Advertising on Quora is beneficial.

  1. Easier to reach Decision-makers

Millions of people already use Quora. It is a no-brainer that if someone is on Quora then they are probably looking for some answers. We can call them decision-makers. People are on Quora trying to research information about your company, products, competitors and industry. By being on Quora, you can reach them at the right time. When you have an advertising outlet for your brand on Quora, people will reach you directly by settling their query with your ad.

  1. You have an access to a large, engaged audience

There is a difference between having access to an audience and ‘engaged’ audience. Engaged audience is already aware of the fact of what they are looking for. By advertising on Quora, you are reaching to your niche audience already. This drives large but quality traffic.

  1. Assures protection for your brand

Users create profiles on Quora based on their real identities. Quora’s moderation policy is very strong and hence your ads are assured to run alongside high quality content. This in turn creates protection for your brand.

  1. High user intent

Users on Quora have a higher intent to get enlightened about the topic that they are looking for. Therefore, your ads have a very high chance to get clicked on, thus earning you a click and possibly a conversion.

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