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YouTube now counts Engagement for Action Ads at 10 Seconds and not 30

YouTube now counts Engagement for Action Ads at 10 Seconds and not 30

YouTube recently declared that they are changing the attribution criteria for true view for action ads. The true view for action ads are built and designed for performance advertisers and feature call-to-action (CTA) sign at the bottom of the video ads.

What are the changes made by YouTube? The following two key attribution points are changing:

  • Engagements/True View on YouTube will now be counted whenever a user clicks or watches 10 seconds or more for action ads while using target CPA or maximize bidding strategy.
  • By default a conversion will be counted when a user takes an action on an ad within 3 days of an interaction. And if you want, you can still change this setting by taking the support of your Google representative to change/customize the time frame as per your objectives. That’s a drastic change from 30 days.
  • For users who click on your ad, YouTube by default will still attribute conversions as claimed by the conversion window which is set as 30 days.

Why there was a need for change                                                                      

YouTube says that it is making changes in the default attribution window from 30 seconds 30 days to 10 seconds 3 days to create a more suitable repercussion of the relationship between exposure of a video ad and conversion.

What it means for Advertisers

The shorter engagement to conversion window means quicker ramp up time for target CPA campaigns and more current reporting. Advertisers are liable to pay on engagement basis for true view ads. But since true view ads for action campaigns that utilize Target CPA and Maximize Conversions are optimized to drive most conversions at the target price set by the promoter, they will keep on being charged on an impression basis. Thus, advertisers will need to monitor their True View for action campaigns to interpret the effect of this change on their performance and budget.

Hence this new attribution by YouTube will better reflect the part of video in a customer’s journey.

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