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5 Ways to increase your FB post reach

Before you can start selling to your audience, you need to know who your ideal customer is, where they are, and what they will buy.

So here are five ways you can boost Facebook reach

      1. Post awesome and relatable content

It’s okay to have a little fun, show off your creativity and become relatable to others, but putting humorous and funny post is the best way to attract the target audience. Before posting anything ask yourself  why would I share this with my friends? How can It be useful? And remember content is king on Facebook. Take full responsibility for yours.

       2. Timing is important

If a post appears on Facebook and no one is there to see it, does it make a sound? No, so post when your supporters are online. Early morning and nighttime are generally the best time to post updates, particularly around 8 PM. To see when your fans are online, check out the Posts report within Facebook Insights. Post on weekends, because during the weekends, most people have more free time to see what’s up with their Facebook friends.

      3. Using trending topics

You may have noticed that Facebook now features a ‘Trending’ panel? This has been used by Twitter for years (#hashtag), but earlier this year Facebook decided to introduce it on their platform. It’s the section of your page that displays the latest news or “what is trending”. When you click on that section you will see a page full of mixed content on the topic related to your brand.

      4. Use Images and Videos

Facebook is a visual place for storytelling, just like movies and picture books for kids, nothing tells a story quite like imagery. Text matters for sure, however images and videos grab attention as your followers are scrolling through their News Feeds.

      5. Engagement

 At the end of the day Facebook’s ultimate goal is to keep as many people as possible to the social network for as long as possible. If you have engaging posts that keep people on the site then you will be rewarded with further reach. If your posts are full of rubbish, have no relevance to your fans and don’t get any likes, comments or shares then your reach will decline rapidly, your posts will drop down people’s news feeds faster than an ice cream melting in the sun. So make sure your offering relevant content that attracts user engagement.

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