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Make Your Brand An EyeCatcher With Eyecatchers: Your One Stop Destination For A Successful Business Promotion

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Your brand needs to reach out to the world and the only means to do that is advertising! As Henry Ford has said, “Man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops clock to save time.” And in order to achieve the goal of an efficient advertising strategy, you need the right marketing agency. And who better than Eyecatchers—your one stop destination to successfully promote your business!

We are…

…An advertising agency that caters to the clients’ branding, promotional, digital marketing and marketing communications requirements. We are a provider of an array of services all under one roof: right from advertising, direct marketing, branding, digital marketing to sales promotion, media planning and buying, event planning, public relations, social media management to name a few. You name it and we have it! Our ultimate aim is maximum reach-out to public for promoting our clients’ goods and/or services.

We offer services in:

  • Branding

Branding refers to the company logo. It gives a public face to the business. It is, therefore, important for your brand to resonate with the target audience. Branding communication, as the name suggests, is all about promoting your brand and making everyone aware of your brand identity. An effective brand strategy highly boosts your credibility in increasingly competitive markets. Under branding, our services include promotion of brand name, logo design, merchandise and gifting, brand events, brand PR, trademarking & IPR—Intellectual Property Rights—especially beneficial for new businesses; endorsements, and so on.

  • Marketing communications

Marketing communication is not only about promotion and sales, but it also involves market research and the advertising. Prior to the concept of digital marketing, printed marketing was the only way to reach out to consumers. Now in keeping with the technological development, the marketing industry is experiencing a never-before-seen boom. We aim at building effective corporate & marketing communications that includes visual content, outdoor advertising, print advertising, television and radio advertising, point of sales, and event management.

  • Digital marketing

Digital evolution is the new revolution in the field of marketing! The world of technology, digital marketing and social media is having a significant impact not only on the choices and preferences of consumers, but also on businesses as to their approach towards marketing. In this age of digital marketing, all marketing professionals as well as business owner understand the importance of internet marketing. Under our digital marketing’s umbrella of services, we offer SEO, PPC, content marketing, online advertising, social media management, customer communication, email and mobile marketing.

So you see how important it is for businesses today to adapt to the ways of digital marketing! Learn more about it with Eyecatchers, your all-in-one service provider!

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