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Instagram Psychology: How User Behavior Affects Marketing


Instagram Psychology: How User Behavior Affects Marketing

Advancing & promoting your business on Instagram requires something more than just a presence. The social networking field is so vast that customers' affections and loyalties tend to change frequently. Like everything else in life, this is also a competition where you need to stand out among millions of stories, photos, and videos posted every day.

It seems that a random shared image can get an enormous number of likes, comments, and engagement. While a cautiously created post can leave you penniless. If your knowledge and understanding are insufficient, you can always turn to psychology.

The Solution to successful marketing is creating an emotional attachment with your target audience, and you can achieve that through a basic psychological knowledge.


Following are the basics behind the most popular sharing medium that will make sure your brand will attract followers and engage users:


#1 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It’s a popular quote which we have heard it probably a thousand times, but have you ever wondered where it comes from? Have you ever given a thought as to what is the reason behind the Instagram’s enormous popularity?

That’s because we prefer images and respond much better to visual content than written. Even when we read words, what forms inside our brain are pictures, right? It’s proven that a human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than words. And what place is more suitable for using this powerful psychological element than the platform that has been made for sharing visual content.


#2 Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Instagram promotes creativity, self-expression and individuality. But it’s still in our nature to feel a strong desire to do things that others are doing. In psychological terms, it basically means that people are more likely to do things when they see others doing them. This, in turn, makes us exposed to the outside influence.

You can easily take advantage of this behaviour by utilizing popular influencers in your Instagram marketing. These well-known/ well-established influencers will always make things seem more legitimate. Every other follower will feel the need to get their hands on it too. Partnering up with them will help build your company’s credibility and raise the level of engagement.


#3 A Place Where I Belong

Every social media platforms encourage interaction. As a marketer your main goal should be to build a sense of community around your brand, making your followers feel like a part of the family.

If you want to use this method to your advantage you mustn’t allow them to feel ignored. You should make it a practice to like their photos and reply to their comments. It’s best to choose a part of the day or week for that task and make it a routine. In spite of that routine, you mustn’t sound like a robot because people connect to the human behind the brand, and not the brand itself.


#4 Repetition is the mother of all learning

Marketing your products out there and gaining new followers, likes, comments and engagement for your business pages and post is not a one day process.  The proven reason behind many successful business pages is that those businesses post regularly and consistently and wait patiently for results.

As a marketer, you should understand that patience is the key to success and should not expect your audience to react to them immediately like obedient pets. It’s a logical fact that more interaction is equal to a higher chance for better connections and engagements. You need to help people learn to value your products and you’ll achieve that by repetition, which is why it is one of the most important strategies is to post consistently. So get your calendar planned and start working, map out the schedule, and put marketing psychology and its tactics to use.

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