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5 Marketing Trends in 2018

5 Marketing Trends in 2018

The competitive nature of the marketing industry and constant changes in consumers’ expectations have led businesses to analyse, adapt and convert their strategies in accordance with new trends in the market. A customer’s attention span has shortened, prompting businesses to ditch their old, traditional marketing practices, in order to survive and stay ahead in the game and engage in better customer acquisition and brand association.

Following are the marketing trends to look out for in 2018:

  1. Story Telling- Live stories and photo-stories are taking the Instagram world by storm! It has even surpassed Snapchat and is long ahead in the race! Consumers are always hungry to know more about their favourite brands, what they do, how they do! With live stories, individuals and organizations have the opportunity to engage with its audience in real time. Curiosity & scarcity (due to 24 hours’ time-limit of the visibility) will result in higher engagement, in turn amassing a higher number of followers.
  2. Short Video Content- Short videos are very tempting to watch! Majority of the social media platforms have their own video features to engage their followers. For E.g. Instagram has Live Stories, Boomerang, Superzoom and Stop Motion. The concept of a moving image makes it more interesting than a regular graphics or still image. Recent studies & surveys have shown that user engagement & the bug to share videos is the latest trend. Instagram & Snapchat are yet to revolutionise the video industry, making the world a smaller place, while video streaming & hosting giants like Youtube & Vimeo will engage customers on a larger scale.
  3. New Age of Influencers- Celebrity brand endorsements have taken a backseat. Nowadays, social media influencers or ‘public figures’ are on the frontier. The reason for their success is personal touches & brand association. Consumers relate to and engage better with ‘ordinary people’ than a celebrity. For. E.g. A large chunk of the Indian population present on social media is in the bracket of 14-25 years of age. These customers look up to influencers as ‘God’s of Opinion’ and their buying behaviour is heavily based on the opinions, recommendations & experiences of the influencers.
  4. LinkedIn for Business- In the coming future, LinkedIn will serve as a wide & large platform to promote businesses, for both B2B & B2C. It will be a popular hub for brands & business to maximise their exposure and highlight their content. The refreshed user interface will make it more favourable for Ad campaigns, Promotions & Branding, Hiring requirements, etc.
  5. Messaging Platforms- Messaging platforms are yet to be used to their maximum capacity. The promotion will heavily be done through platforms like WhatsApp & Hike. SMS will be brutally replaced by WhatsApp. Gone are the days when customers received only ‘text-based’ information in a small window-shaped box. User engagement containing graphics, images (both gifs & still), short videos, are on the rise and will bridge the gap between enquiry of consumers & response time of businesses.

Conclusion: 2018 will be a much anticipated and revolutionary year in terms of marketing trends. Some of these trends may or may not come to fruition because their success will be substantially dependent upon new technologies, platform evolutions and improvements. But who knows, it might spring out a new ‘state-of-the-art’ discovery!

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